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Solar Group, a company led by international standards in the sphere of renewable energy, designs, implements and supports a wide variety of renewable related products and systems:

- Solar PV system
- EV accessories 

- IoT solutions

Our team consists of professionals with experience of more than ten years in the renewable energy industry, particularly in the design and implementation of solar stations. Despite its young age, the company operates with the best specialists in the field, thereby ensuring the introduction of high-quality products and services from the moment of audit and planning of future solutions (solar/wind stations) up to their installation, operation and service.



Our potential customers:

  • Business clients - B2B

✓ small and medium businesses

✓ telecommunications and transport

✓ system integrators

✓ industry

✓ education

✓ medicine

✓ banking sector

✓ electric power industry

  • Individuals - B2C

✓ owners of private houses 

✓ residents of apartment buildings

  • Governmental structures and law enforcing agencies – B2G (regional government representatives)


The company's mission is to reduce customer costs by implementing energy-efficient solutions.


Based on innovation and transparency of work, the company seeks to introduce the importance of renewable energy into society.