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Meeting with Nooor - Armenian Blockchain Association

Date: 08/07/2019

Solar Group's executive director, Aleksandr Grigoryan and Nooor - Armenian Blockchain Аssociation held a productive meeting in Solar Group.

Nooor - Armenian Blockchain Аssociation was founded in 2017, aiming at the development of blockchain in Armenia. The association cooperates with startups and already established businesses. In the frames of the meeting Aleksandr Grigoryan shared his expertise and knowledge about solar energy. Also an interesting discussion was held about renewable energy, blockchain, their connection and future prospects.

Newest internet technologies and renewable solar energy can carry out a revolution in the energy sector. Blockchain system can come in handy in the trade of energy generated by solar power plants.

So, in the future blockchain system can also be used by the users of solar station. Solar Group will carry out meetings and discussions of this format.