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We offer full range of products in renewable energy field including solar PV panels, solar Inverters, batteries, accessories, energy efficient LED lighting systems. We also propose smart city solutions.

Solar PV Panels

Wide range of PV panels including monocrystalline, polycrystalline, 72 cell and 60 cell.

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Solar Inverters

Flexible inverter solutions covering all sort of technical requirements.

Micro inverters, String and hybrid, Optimiser systems
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Battery solutions for off-grid and hybrid solar PV systems.

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LED lighting

We provide LED lighting solutions for both outdoor and indoor cases




Electric vehicle charging solutions

We offer a wide variety of electric vehicle charging stations ranging from small residential stations to 150kW fast chargers.



Data analysis

Data mining technologies, powered by synergetic in-house tools that mine and analyze data from numerous data sources.



Solar Group also offers the following solutions:

Security and video surveillance systems,

Protective-fire alarm systems,

Access control, fire alarm systems,

Computer network Design, installation, maintenance,

Import and sale of equipment and apparatus.