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Taking Care: Sustainability in Solar Energy

Date: 28/11/2019


Solar energy is increasing its volumes of usage so much that now the whole industry is thinking about the ways of sustaining it.

Solar is one of the most effective ways of renewable energy due to its higher efficiency and lower costs and compared to any conventional energy generation source it shows clear benefits in numerous dimensions in terms of cost and flexibility in fighting climate change, and in terms of environmental issues. Looking at the broader picture, the three lines of sustainability of solar can be highlighted - social, economic and environmental.

Installing PV panels is particularly valuable for energy importing countries as they can be less dependent on others, create energy security at home and avoid costly energy imports.

With the cost of solar modules having decreased by around 96% since the turn of the century, solar has become one of the cheapest power generation sources today. That is why many countries increasingly rely on it as an affordable, low impact technology to meet their energy needs. Alongside this dramatic drop in cost – which is continuing – solar is constantly improving its performance on an environmental level as well.

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