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Energy in Armenia
08 11, 2021

The situation we have today in the field of energy and natural resources threatens the entire balance of life on our planet. In this context, the Republic of Armenia is said to be on the right track in the field of energy, that is, going with renewables (solar, wind, etc.).

Armenia is endowed with fairly abundant sources of solar and wind. It is all a matter of building the infrastructure to utilize these clean sources of energy.

No discussion of energy in Armenia is complete without mentioning the Metsamor nuclear power plant. This facility has had its life extended through upgrades, but we all understand that the produced radioactive waste is so hazardous that this source of power had better be replaced with renewables.

On the whole, everything else can, should and must be converted to electricity, even in the small villages that are off the country’s electric grid so that the extent of tree harvesting for heating and cooking can be reduced to a negligible amount. Here is where we have to cope with building electricity-generating infrastructures to promote the use of renewable resources.

In the field of solar energy, there are already tangible results. First and foremost, the largest solar power plant in the country is reported to be coming online. Yet another achievement was the signing of an agreement with Masdar, a United Arab Emirates-based company, for multiple solar power projects. Earlier in the year in March, a contract for solar power generation with a German-Italian consortium had been renegotiated to secure better terms for the RA and had gotten funding from the World Bank.  

All of this is progress towards RA’s stated goal of generating 30 percent of its electricity from renewables (solar and wind) by 2025. Perhaps it’s time to set a new target, 50 percent or 60 percent from renewables by 2030 with an eye not to build a new nuclear power plant.

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